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“ I recently took a workshop with Mattie Ree Neal called The Fundamentals. As a seasoned painter you may wonder why I’d take a class with this theme. I believe painting is all about the fundamentals; a beginner and professional are practicing the same principals just at different intensities. Mattie is able to tailor that info to each individual’s different needs. She put together informative lectures, demos, and critiques to illustrate those principals pulling from the past and current masters. Her knowledge and painting maturity are well beyond her years and I got much out of the time spent with her. I highly recommend taking her workshop”
-Grace M. DeVito

Fundamentals of Oil Painting  

May 31-June 2, 2023

Meeting time: 9AM-4PM

Easton, Connecticut


includes Wednesday night welcome reception hosted by Peggy Kinstler

bring your own lunch

supply list coming soon

 Hosted by Peggy Kinstler at the Easton, Connecticut country home and studio of legendary artist Everett Raymond Kinstler (,

Email to sign up.

This class will focus on the fundamental principles and techniques of oil painting. No prior experience is required as we will cover everything from the most basic uses of materials and paint handling to the biggest concepts and exercises behind learning to see and think as an artist. The great masters never stopped returning to these foundational principles of drawing, value, edge, and color. It will be three days of information, inspiration, and practice. We will explore and practice each of these ideas through presentation lectures, demonstrations and painting exercises. Each student will be given a class binder of notes and resources.

 From now until the beginning of class I would like each student to start keeping a sketchbook if you do not already! Drawing is the #1 most important concept in painting and a sketchbook practice is the best way to strengthen your powers of observation. Carry it with you, draw what is around you from life, and have fun!

“Technique is to me merely a language, and as I see life more and more clearly, growing older, I have but one intention and that is to make my language as clear and simple and sincere as humanly possible.” - Robert Henri

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