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Gouache Paintings From Life

For the month of March I decided to do at least one painting from life each day. I was quickly amazed at all the possible paintings I walk by regularly. I once read a book that said when you look for delight in life, you find more delight in life, and I think the same applies to painting. The more I stopped to paint what I saw, the more I was stopped by what I saw to paint! I found so much joy in going out to find a painting (and never going far) or simply looking around the room I was in. 

That being said, all of these paintings are of very familiar subjects to me. If I caught myself painting something in my head I would try to stop and get it down. I hadn't realized how often I paint things in my mind's eye without taking it through the brush and onto the paper. 

All of these sketches are gouache on Aquabord done from life. Click on each image for more info. If the painting is unsigned in the photo, I will be sure it is signed before shipping! 

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